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July 18, 2017

Southern Missouri Real Estate


What's your next moveDid you know many people retire to Southern Missouri, due to it's central location, friendly people, the four seasons and of course the lower than average cost of living, property taxes and housing expenses.

Are you thinking about moving? Are you planning your retirement? If so you take a look at Southern Missouri Homes for Sale and Jefferson County MO Homes to see if anything trips your trigger.  

Reason we Love Southern Missouri

Four Season - Snowy Winters, Popping Springs, Sparkling Summers, and Colorful Falls. Making Missouri God's ever changing canvas. You'll never get bored with the weather in Southern Missouri

Centrally Located- Missouri is located safely in the center of the United States.

Cost of Living  - Missouri has a 10% lower than average cost of living and 15% lower than average housing cost.  

Lakes, Rivers and Streams - For all our outdoor water recreation.

Mark Twain National Forest - It  is spread out from from Hwy 70 south to the Arkansas Boarder including parts of Edgar Springs, Farmington, Dora, Winona and Kimberling City.

Missouri cities has a higher than average amount of parks and undeveloped land.

Jefferson County Missouri Homes is definitely a area you should check out, that tax rates are lower than St Louis County and you still have very easy access to the city.

Missouri is the " Show me " State So check it out and well show you how great this state really is! 



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Jan. 17, 2017

The Sellers Edge

Your home was on the market, and it didn't sell. What do you do now?

There are 3 Reasons a home does not Sell.

  1. Improperly marketed
  2. Does not show well
  3. Listed above the current market value.

So let me give you a few things to ponder.

  1. Do you feel your agent did a good job marketing your property?  If so stick with them and keep it listed, it cannot sell if it's not on the market.  If you believe they did not advertise your property to all available Buyers, you might want to look at making some changes.
  2. Have you done all you can do to showcase your property to catch the attention of prospective buyers?  Is it neat & clean, easy to show and most importantly does it make a great 1st impression?  Many things can effect showings, including neighbors and neighborhoods.  Sometimes you do not have a lot of control but are you doing everything you can?
  3. Is it listed at market value?  Supply & Demand determine a price and buyers are more educated than ever, and no one pays more than market value for a property.  The days of overpricing and hoping someone will bite are long gone.  Buyers and Buyers Agents reject (avoid) overpriced listings. 

Consider taking my 15 min challenge!

With a 15 minute appointment:

I can shed some new light on what it is going to take to get it SOLD.

It only takes about 15 minutes to walk through your home and give you my opinions.  I value your time and my own, and I do not want to waste anyone's time. 

When I arrive, I will have already performed a CMA (comparative market analysis)of your property, based on your expired listing and the tax records.  I will just need to walk through to verify condition and then I can give you an honest opinion of what I think it should list for and what I believe it will sell for.

Many Sellers do not understand that there are 3 Prices for a Home:

  1. The price your agent tells you so they can get your listing.
  2. The price that generates activity and gets showings. 
  3. The actual price that the property sells for. 

I have been Listing and Selling Homes in Jefferson County and surrounding counties since 1993.  I average about 50 home sales a year, so I have plenty of experience.

If you are serious about selling your property, why not take advantage of my professional opinion when it will only cost you about 15 minutes of your time.

After you decide you want to move forward and list your property, then we can start your personalized marketing campaign.

I will start out with my Home Value Audit which will help guide you in staging and showcasing your property to maximize the number of prospective buyers who pay attention to your listing.

I work very hard to get excellent pictures to showcase your home in the most desirable manner. If I am unable to get a great picture, I will call in a professional photographer at my expense. 

I will use targeted social media marketing to reach buyers who are looking for a property like yours.

I use 800 Number marketing very effectively. Your property will be assigned an 800 number, and I will reach buyers who are calling specifically for your home, allowing the buyers to get information 24 hrs a day.  

Try it yourself 800-238-8085 ext. 6111

My website provides a large buyer pool.  Consumers love the MLS searching capabilities, so I have new customers signing up every day.

  • Are you ready for the 15 min challenge?  

Two Promises I will make you.

  1. You will never receive any pressure from me to sell before you are ready.
  2. I will tell you what you need to hear, even if it's not what you want to hear.

If your Jefferson County Home expired before it SOLD, I may be able to assist you. I specialize in helping clients with expired listings in Jefferson County, South St Louis County, and St Francois County.  

All I need is 15 minutes of your time.

Click on this link if you are interested in getting to know Gwen Chambers



Gwen Chambers...Southern Missouri Homes and Farms

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Dec. 28, 2016

Make Your Home Stand Out

How do you make your home stand out in a Crowd of competing homes?

This is a guideline of some of the things you should do if you want your home to stand out in the crowd. You usually have to catch the buyers eye before you ever get a showing, and you absolutely will have to catch the buyer's attention before you will get an offer which is the 1st real step in getting your home SOLD.

  • Have it Show READY the day it goes on the Market
  • Do a Pre-Inspection ... Make minor repairs...if required do the Occupancy Inspection also.
  • Clean, Clean & Clean Again.... Get the Polish out... Make it Sparkle.
  • Stage it! Eliminate the Clutter...Clean the Closets... Rent a storage unit if you have too.
  • Take Great Pictures... Giving a Realistic View of your home... Focusing on the Positives
  • Price it Right... Look at the Comparable Sales... Consider the Price of the Competition, the Active Listings
  • Be very Flexible with showing times...Accommodate the Buyers... They have your money

As a Realtor, my job is to guide you through the process of getting your home Sold for the Most money the market will bear.  If we follow this guideline, we will be well on our way to making it Happen. 

If you are considering putting your home on the market, give me a call, and we can start with a Maximum Home Value Audit which will tell us which step we need to take next.

Your home is usually the largest investment you have.  I specialize in helping people prepare and get the most money out of their homes when the time comes to move. Let me know if I can help you

As a Jefferson County MO Realtor, I have helped many clients in the St Louis and Jefferson County area since 1993, and I look forward to being able to assist you. 


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Dec. 9, 2016

Should I wait till Spring to List My Home

Should I Wait Till Spring To List My Home?

Here is a List of five good Reasons why it may not be beneficial to wait till Spring to List your Home1.

1. Motivated Buyers Shop ALL Year

You have many lookers in the Spring. After the New Year May make that New Years Resolution to Buy a New Home this year, but by the time Summer hits, they are putting off the home search instead of spending their time enjoying the outdoors, swimming, fishing, and vacations.  MOTIVATED BUYERS have to buy and they have less to choose from, they are a more desperate buyer than the Spring time lookers.  That being said, it usually puts more money in your pocket

2. Buyers Have More time to Browse for Homes in the Winter

With Shorter Daylight Hours less time is Spent outdoors and more time is spent searching the Web, and if there is a lot of snow this winter, the Buyers will be doing even more browsing for homes. 

3. Less Competition

Many take their homes off the market during the Winter months due to misguided old age saying that more people buy in the Spring.  It is also because Sellers find it more inconvenient to leave their home for showing in the winter (it's cold outside) Sellers also do not like to be bothered with showing during Holiday the Season. I would be more than happy to be a little inconvenienced to be able to get my home sold if I wanted to sell my home.  What a Great Christmas Present, a contract on my home :) 

4. The Internet Searches Surge During the Holidays

It is amazing hoe many buyers search the web for homes during Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Years.  If you want to sell shouldn't your home be there to be viewed?

5. More Relocation Buyers

January is usually the month that many people do transfers, if I wait till Spring to list my home I will miss those transferring buyers that are highly motivated, they are usually moving for a new job, and they HAVE to move.

If you are asking yourself Should I wait till Spring to List My Home the Answer is NO Get it Listed NOW! Capture the interest of those motivated Buyers.


Let us know if we can answer any questions you may have Gwen Chambers 314-808-4737


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Sept. 27, 2016

Listing Price for my Jefferson County Home

This is a question many have when it's time to Sell their Jefferson County Mo Home.

How do I choose the Listing Price for My Jefferson County Home and how long will it take to sell? These are questions I have heard many times. When you list your home you have to consider many things.

  1. What have comparable homes sold for in the past 90 days within a couple of miles of your home?
  2. What is the condition of your home, does it need updating, is it clean and show ready?
  3. Are you willing to make the home easily available for showing, even with little notice?
  4. Look at the condition of the neighborhood neighboring homes. (vacant and abandoned homes can hurt neighborhood home values)

Think of it as a Beauty Contest in a Price War

You have to list your home based on current information. If you really want to sell and are not just testing the market then, it does not matter what you want, what you, could have sold it for, or what you paid. You have to price your home right from the start. The longer you sit on the market testing it to see if you can get what you want, you rack up days on the market and the higher that number goes the lower your offers go. One of the first questions buyers ask about a house after asking the price is, how many days has the home been on the market. As long as you are working with an experienced Jefferson County Mo Realtor pay close attention to what they show you about the current market conditions and the risk of overpricing your home.

If you are in the Market to Sell Give Us a Call! We offer a Maximum Home Value Audit for potential clients who are thinking of selling in the next 60 days.

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Sept. 27, 2016

Contingent Short Sale

What is a Contingent Short Sale?

CS Contingent Short Sale means the Seller is trying to sell the home for less than they owe. 

This term has only been around for a few years.

  1. The Buyers has submitted an offer to purchase a home and the Seller has agreed to the terms of the offer.  
  2. The offer than has to be submitted and approved by the mortgage lender of the Seller.

The seller's lender is the one who is going to be short meaning they are going to accept less money to clear the title than what is owed to them.  This is where the term short sale comes from, it is contingent upon the mortgage holders approval of the payment short of what they are owed.

So many people think that short sale means it's quick but actually, they can take up to 6 months, or longer.  My experience has been, many times the 1st buyers get tired of waiting and move on to other opportunities. It is usually the 2nd buyer who does not have to wait as long because much of the negotiations are completed.

If you are in a hurry or on a time limit of when you need to move into your new home, a short sale may not be the right option for you. Short sales can be a positive financial investments but you definitely have to have a lot of patience.

If you would like more information about short sales Contact Gwen Chambers a Jefferson County Mo Realtor with Re/max Best Choice 314-808-4737

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Sept. 23, 2016

How to Buy A Jefferson County Mo Home Guide

  • Make a list of what you would like to have in your home (the things you'd like to have if available); fireplace, pool, a finished basement, hardwood floors, etc. We wanted to have enough space to have a few horses. It wasn't necessary but it would make our lives less complicated, so it was on our wish list along with a few other items.
  • Find a Realtor, check out the article Interviewing a Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent to help you find an agent you are comfortable with. A Buyers Agent is working for you, not for the sellers! It is always good to have a professional in your corner. A Buyers Agent will guide you through many of the details involved in making a wise choice for your investment.
  • Get approved for a loan. Most sellers will want to see a copy of the approval letter before they will accept your offer. Your Realtor will be a good source for finding a good lender. You represent a single loan for a loan officer. Your Realtor is a source of multiple loans for a loan officer. Most loan officers work very hard to keep Realtors happy; which means keeping the Realtors clients happy. Usually, if your Realtor recommends a loan officer the buyer will reap the benefits of lower closing cost and loan fees. Make sure you the loan officer knows you were referred by the Realtor. Ask your Realtor for their recommendations.
  • Now it's your Realtors turn to give you all the homes currently on the market that meet your needs. You will need to discuss how you want to receive the new listings to the market; the best and fastest notification is by e-mail. As you receive the listings you need to start the process of elimination. First, read the descriptions and make three stacks; the check it out, maybe, and no way stack. Save all of the listings in their designated stacks for future reference, but start out driving by the check it out I tell everyone to leave all options open because I have had clients who have bought from the no way stack. Sometimes great homes do not take good pictures or do not look good on paper. Usually, new listings will come on the market during this process of elimination time so you should be continually receiving new listings  from your Buyers Agent.
  • After carefully reviewing your option, Call your Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent to schedule inside viewings for the homes that passed the drive-by test. It is best if you take short notes while you are viewing the homes. After looking at a lot of homes sometimes they run together, so it helps to have notes to jog your memory. What worked for my husband and I was after viewing each home we ask ourselves (if we had to buy a house right now which house would we buy.) We started that question with the first house, so, of course, we had to say this one, but as we saw more we were always just comparing the new one to our favorite one. It really helped us in making a good choice.
  • Make an Offer!It is really important to have a clear picture of what you need and want in a home, and you need to be able to recognize the perfect fit when you see it. My experience has been if you drag your feet, you could loose it. Don't be afraid if it's one of the homes you see. It will feel right if it is supposed to be your new home. I had a couple who saw the perfect home the day out and they were afraid to act on it. After a couple more days of house hunting and they decided to make an offer on the “perfect home unfortunately, it was already under contract. Needless to say, we continued for 3 more months and 57 homes later we found them a suitable option. It was nice but it was not the perfect home. On the other hand, do not get discouraged if it takes a few months. Sometimes it just takes longer. I've had couples looking for a few years because they have very specific needs.
  • Scheduled Your Inspections Once you have the contract secured (agreed on by all parties), your Realtor will schedule your building inspections to ensure you are satisfied with the condition of the home. Most contracts allow 10 days for you to have all aspects of the property inspected.
  • Now it’s time to go to Closing. Make sure you arrive on time, have your cashiers check for the correct amount due and then be prepared to sign a lot of documents. Bring your drivers license for verification for the notary.
  • Congratulations you receive the keys of your new home.

We hope this How to Buy a Jefferson County Mo Home Guide has helped you. Please give us a call if you do not already have a Realtor you are working with. We are here to Help.

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Sept. 20, 2016

Jefferson County Mo Home Buyers

Jefferson County Mo Home Buyers

Home-ownership in general, is the greatest creator of wealth for most Americans, and Jefferson County Mo Buyers who can take advantage of the declined home values and the lowest interest rates that we have seen in a while, will find that it may likely be the best investment they have ever made.

Click here to search all the active homes on the market in the St Louis area including Jefferson County

Hiring a Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent

Home ownership is good for Jefferson County Mo Buyers. It is a great investment in their future. We can represent you as a buyers agent at no cost to you. Give us a call and see if we can help you achieve the American Dream

Working with a reputable lender will help you avoid issues.  I can refer you to a good lender if you are not sure who to call, just contact me bt phone or e-mail for recommendations. Buying a home is the smartest investment most families will ever make. Most families can deduct 100% of the interest and real estate property tax paid on their home, from their taxable income. These deductions can result in thousands of dollars in tax saving depending on your income and particular situation.  

There are many options when it comes to financing, and everyone always thinks that they do not have enough money to get the process started, but we can usually negotiate that the seller pays the buyer closing cost. The buyer can usually get an FHA loan which only requires 3.5% down or a VA loan and USDA loan and no money required down, they are 100% loans. 

The best part of home ownership is if a couple who owns and lives in their home for two years and then decide to sell they can keep equity of $500,000 tax-free during their lifetime. If they put that equity down on another home, they have that same option when they sell the new home, as long as they live in the home as their principal residence for two years. 

Buying a home is the smartest investment most families will ever make. Most families can deduct 100% of the interest and real estate property tax paid on their home, from their taxable income. These deductions can result in thousands of dollars in tax saving depending on your income and particular situation.

Sept. 20, 2016

Closing Cost Fees when buying a Jefferson County Home

Estimated Closing Cost fees when Buying a Home

Many of my clients have questions about what are the closing cost fees when buying a Jefferson County Mo Home. So I thought it would be helpful to make this information available. These are one-time fees associated with the purchase of a home.

  • Appraisal: to verify the value of the home
  • Appraisal Re-inspection to verify any repairs the appraiser predicated
  • Underwriting fee:the fee for verifying everything about the loan is in order
  • Credit Report fee:to verify your credit score
  • Flood Letter:to verify that the home is not in the floodplain
  • Title Insurance:to ensure that there are no liens or defects on the title
  • Title Company Closing fee:this fee is for the title company to conduct the closing
  • Notary fee:fee for notarizing all the documents
  • Delivery fee:for the title
  • Recording Fee: to record the title into the new buyer's name
  • Survey: not required but recommended to verify there are no encroachments to the property lines
  • Building Inspection:not required but highly recommended to find any hidden defects with the home
  • Any other Property Inspections: Septic Inspection, Well Inspection,Radon Inspection, Mold Inspection, Lead Base Paint Inspection or any other buyer concerns.

If you are considering Purchasing a Jefferson County Mo Home or Selling a Jefferson County Mo Home. Give us a call we can help you through the process. If you are thinking about Buying a Home and want more information, check out our How to Buy a Jefferson County MO Home Guide


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Sept. 17, 2016

Find A Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent

Do you need to Find a Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent to work for you? Here is a list of some questions you should ask when interviewing a Jefferson County MO Buyers Agent Here is a list of some questions you should ask when interviewing a Jefferson County MO Buyers Agent

  • How long have you been actively working in the real estate business?
  • What is your average yearly sales volume (you are looking for the level of experience they have)
  • Are you a full-time agent? (you are looking for their availability to you and their outside commitments)
  • What is your availability? Depending on your needs make sure your agent is going to be available when you need them whether that is during the work day, evenings, or weekends.
  • How much notice do you need if I want to see a home? (sometimes depending on what you are looking for, you have to move quickly)
  • Will you search for properties for me and keep me up to date with the new listings on the market or will I need to find them on my own?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask, it will help you get a feel for the agent to make sure you are comfortable with each other. As a Jefferson County Mo Realtor and Buyers Agent, I have represented Buyers since 1993 as a Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent. I have a team of Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agents here to guide you through the process. If you want to start viewing some homes on your own checkout. Call us today and we can get you started and help you choose the right Jefferson County Mo Buyers Agent for you.

If you need immediate assistance Please give me a call 314-808-4737

Start Searching for your new home today.

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