This is a question many have when it's time to Sell their Jefferson County Mo Home.

How do I choose the Listing Price for My Jefferson County Home and how long will it take to sell? These are questions I have heard many times. When you list your home you have to consider many things.

  1. What have comparable homes sold for in the past 90 days within a couple of miles of your home?
  2. What is the condition of your home, does it need updating, is it clean and show ready?
  3. Are you willing to make the home easily available for showing, even with little notice?
  4. Look at the condition of the neighborhood neighboring homes. (vacant and abandoned homes can hurt neighborhood home values)

Think of it as a Beauty Contest in a Price War

You have to list your home based on current information. If you really want to sell and are not just testing the market then, it does not matter what you want, what you, could have sold it for, or what you paid. You have to price your home right from the start. The longer you sit on the market testing it to see if you can get what you want, you rack up days on the market and the higher that number goes the lower your offers go. One of the first questions buyers ask about a house after asking the price is, how many days has the home been on the market. As long as you are working with an experienced Jefferson County Mo Realtor pay close attention to what they show you about the current market conditions and the risk of overpricing your home.

If you are in the Market to Sell Give Us a Call! We offer a Maximum Home Value Audit for potential clients who are thinking of selling in the next 60 days.