How do you make your home stand out in a Crowd of competing homes?

This is a guideline of some of the things you should do if you want your home to stand out in the crowd. You usually have to catch the buyers eye before you ever get a showing, and you absolutely will have to catch the buyer's attention before you will get an offer which is the 1st real step in getting your home SOLD.

  • Have it Show READY the day it goes on the Market
  • Do a Pre-Inspection ... Make minor repairs...if required do the Occupancy Inspection also.
  • Clean, Clean & Clean Again.... Get the Polish out... Make it Sparkle.
  • Stage it! Eliminate the Clutter...Clean the Closets... Rent a storage unit if you have too.
  • Take Great Pictures... Giving a Realistic View of your home... Focusing on the Positives
  • Price it Right... Look at the Comparable Sales... Consider the Price of the Competition, the Active Listings
  • Be very Flexible with showing times...Accommodate the Buyers... They have your money

As a Realtor, my job is to guide you through the process of getting your home Sold for the Most money the market will bear.  If we follow this guideline, we will be well on our way to making it Happen. 

If you are considering putting your home on the market, give me a call, and we can start with a Maximum Home Value Audit which will tell us which step we need to take next.

Your home is usually the largest investment you have.  I specialize in helping people prepare and get the most money out of their homes when the time comes to move. Let me know if I can help you

As a Jefferson County MO Realtor, I have helped many clients in the St Louis and Jefferson County area since 1993, and I look forward to being able to assist you.