Should I Wait Till Spring To List My Home?

Here is a List of five good Reasons why it may not be beneficial to wait till Spring to List your Home1.

1. Motivated Buyers Shop ALL Year

You have many lookers in the Spring. After the New Year May make that New Years Resolution to Buy a New Home this year, but by the time Summer hits, they are putting off the home search instead of spending their time enjoying the outdoors, swimming, fishing, and vacations.  MOTIVATED BUYERS have to buy and they have less to choose from, they are a more desperate buyer than the Spring time lookers.  That being said, it usually puts more money in your pocket

2. Buyers Have More time to Browse for Homes in the Winter

With Shorter Daylight Hours less time is Spent outdoors and more time is spent searching the Web, and if there is a lot of snow this winter, the Buyers will be doing even more browsing for homes. 

3. Less Competition

Many take their homes off the market during the Winter months due to misguided old age saying that more people buy in the Spring.  It is also because Sellers find it more inconvenient to leave their home for showing in the winter (it's cold outside) Sellers also do not like to be bothered with showing during Holiday the Season. I would be more than happy to be a little inconvenienced to be able to get my home sold if I wanted to sell my home.  What a Great Christmas Present, a contract on my home :) 

4. The Internet Searches Surge During the Holidays

It is amazing hoe many buyers search the web for homes during Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and New Years.  If you want to sell shouldn't your home be there to be viewed?

5. More Relocation Buyers

January is usually the month that many people do transfers, if I wait till Spring to list my home I will miss those transferring buyers that are highly motivated, they are usually moving for a new job, and they HAVE to move.

If you are asking yourself Should I wait till Spring to List My Home the Answer is NO Get it Listed NOW! Capture the interest of those motivated Buyers.


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